When is the 2G network closing?

On 1st August 2017, the Optus 2G mobile network will shutdown.

How will this impact my business?

If you or someone in your business is still using the 2G network after the 1st August, your business may experience problems accessing the mobile network if you are still using:

  • 2G GSM only mobile devices
  • 2G SIM cards
  • Older machine-to-machine (M2M) devices that rely on 2G, such as:

- EFTPOS and credit card machines,
- Vehicle tracking and security alarms, which report back to base,
- Vending machines that phone home when they’re running low.

What you need to do…

You need to upgrade any of your business’ 2G SIM cards and/or 2G/3GSB mobile handsets to ensure continued mobile network access.




2G SIMs must be upgraded to 3G/4G SIM cards, then all you need to do, is activate it:

2G handset that only works on the 2G network must be upgraded to a 3G/4G handset

2G/3G Single Band handsets may need to be upgraded

1. Get in touch with us and request a new sim card;

2. Keep an eye out for it in the mail and;

3. Simply activate it when it arrives.

- 2G devices will only ever display one of these symbols: 2G, Edge, E or GPRS in the top right hand corner of your phone’s screen (next to the signal strength bars) when it’s switched on.

- 2G phones are usually older phones that are typically best for talking and texting only with older models only featuring basic text screens which a 2G icon may not even be visible on the screen.

- 2G/3G Single Band Handsets use 2G when outside 3G 2100 MHz network coverage (areas typicallyaway from cities and major towns) but after 1st of April 2017, 2G roaming will no longer be available.

- A 3G single band phone willdisplay “3G” when in cities or towns, but almost always shows that it is using 2G, EDGE or GPRS.

Your business’ mobile manuals should state whether the device will work on 3G/4G, or get in touch with your Commander Account Manager for assistance.

About the 2G Network Closure

You'll need to upgrade any of your business' 2G SIM cards and/or mobile handsets before the 1st of August 2017.

What’s the 2G network?
2G was the first mobile network to let Australians make mobile calls, send texts, and access some basic internet.

Why is it shutting down?
Australia’s mobile network is always evolving and the need to make way for newer and faster technologies, such as 3G and 4G which means that the 2G network is now considered out of date. Optus 2G will begin shutting down in WA and NT from 1 April 2016 and is scheduled to close in all remaining States on 1 August 2017.

How will my business benefit after upgrading?
Other than making and receiving calls, the 3G/4G network will allow your business to connect with the internet in ways that simply weren’t possible on the 2G network or devices, such as:

  • Easy access to insightful websites on the go e.g. Smart Company or LinkedIn.
  • Downloading and sharing files with your co-workers.
  • Streaming videos, including making business video calls.

Other useful information

Are all 2G devices affected?

Yes, any device that is 2G only will be affected by this change. This will also include business devices that use 2G M2M technology, such as some EFTPOS or credit card machines.

What is a 2G handset?

The list below advises some of the most frequently used 2G handsets, please check to see if your business is using any of these devices:

NOKIA 1010
NOKIA 2630

NOKIA 1208
NOKIA 1112
NOKIA 6300
NOKIA 3315

What frequencies does the 2G mobile network use?

The 2G mobile network uses 900 MHz spectrum.

If we don’t upgrade, what will appear on the mobile screen?

When in an area which previously had 2G coverage, any 2G or 3G single band device that has not been upgraded before the 2G mobile network closure, will display either of these two messages:

The device will only be able to make emergency calls (police, fire, or ambulance) by dialling “000” or “112” but will be unable to:

Make or receive any other type of phone call, or
Send or receive any SMS or data.

No Service the device has no connectivity to any mobile network and cannot:

Make or receive any calls
Make emergency calls, or
Send or receive any SMS or data.

What if we have 2G SIMs?

While 2G SIMs will continue to work in some 3G devices, older SIMs will not fit into new 4G devices. We recommend upgrading your business’ 2G SIM cards, which is free of charge with Commander.

What is a 3G single band (2100MHz) device?

The list below includes some of the most frequently used 3G single band (2100MHz) devices. Please check to see if your business is using any of these devices.


Please note that while most are 3G dual band U900 capable, there may be some that are not.

Please check your
SAMSUNG S2 device.
APPLE IPAD 2 (A1396)
NOKIA LUMIA 520 (RM-915)

NOKIA C2-01.5
ZTE F286 (THIS IS 900/2100)

Will I lose mobile coverage if I’m using my SIM in a 3G Single Band device?

3G single band devices will be affected as follows:

  • In 2G 900 MHz coverage areas – you will no longer be able to access the mobile network.
  • In 3G 2100 MHz coverage areas - you may continue to use this network with your existing SIM in a 3G single band coverage area, however, coverage may be reduced or call quality degraded.

We recommend to check any 3G device and coverage here.

What about machine to machine (M2M) devices?

M2M devices, such as vending machines or GPS trackers for example, will also be affected by the 2G network closure unless they are compatible with the 3G/4G mobile network.

Please check if your business has any M2M devices that need to be upgraded and consult your supplier or manufacturer.

What options are there once the 2G network is closed?

  1. Device: To continue using the mobile network, please ensure you have upgraded to a 3G dual band (UMTS 900/2100) or 4G (LTE 700/1800/2100/2300/2600 MHz) device. Note: 3G single band devices may continue to use the 3G 2100 MHz network, however, mobile network coverage will be reduced (depending on where the device is being used) and call quality may be degraded.
  2. SIM Card: If you have upgraded your device and still can’t access the mobile network, contact us to upgrade to a new Commander SIM card.

We recommend checking device and coverage here.

Have an old handset or SIM? Looks like your business’ mobiles may still be using the 2G network.